Why waste time writing about Cricket?

In a world of Trump and Brexit, where truth and reason seem as fragile as Keaton Jennings’s Test career, it may seem odd that anyone should want to set up a blog less concerned with the European Debt Crisis than that of England’s fast bowling options. Yet to the indoctrinated few who prefer to spend a bleary eyed Sunday morning swooning over the Ashes 2005 box-set rather than flicking through the back pages of the FT, weekly musings on all things Cricket may just be ideal companion whilst navigating through the mire of cabinet reshuffles and trade deals.

Chasing Leather simply aims to act as a sanctuary for ideas, both fully formed and half-baked, as well as a touchpaper for discussion about the ever evolving state of our game. It will mostly consist of my own thoughts – a twenty-three year old England fan from Kent – but will also strive to act as a one-stop-shop for hand picked snippets of analysis and insight from the world’s foremost cricket brains.

Sounds good?

…If you still need convincing, here’s Stephen Fry encapsulating just what makes Cricket so great.


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